RECETAS workshop in Barcelona
Loneliness, societies and nature: Reflections of a changing world

In November 17, within the framework of the activities around World Mental Health Day, Osonament in collaboration with UVic-UCC held the workshop “Loneliness, societies and nature: Reflections of a changing world”.

Laura Coll Planas, Laia Briones Buixassa and Aina Carbó Cardeña from UVic-UCC, as researchers of the European project RECETAS, carried out this workshop with participatory dynamics at the civic center of Can Pau Raba in Vic. In the first part, we reflected together about the loneliness that we feel and suffer. Questions such as “What is loneliness for you?” were answered through diverse and varied photographs that organizers brought. In the second part, we shared the ways we have to face loneliness, especially how nature helps us to feel less alone. In this dynamic, each participant explained the photographs they had previously brought to the workshop on these topics. It was very emotional to listen to the voices, experiences and opinions of each person who attended.

Finally, we explained that the RECETAS European Project has as its main objective to deal with loneliness by developing and testing social interventions based on nature following the Circle of Friends method originated in Finland. These interventions will be carried out in several cities around the world during 2023 such as Barcelona, Helsinki, Prague, Cuenca (Ecuador), Melbourne and Marseille and it is also planned to be carried out in Vic.

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