Urban Health Cluster

RECETAS is a member of the first European Cluster to improve and safeguard health and well-being of citizens, leaving none behind.

Urban Health

Two thirds of the population of the European Region live in towns and cities. Urban areas are often unhealthy places to live, characterized by heavy traffic, pollution, noise, violence and social isolation for elderly people and young families.

Despite their challenges, cities can create opportunities for better health, cleaner environments and climate action. Strong urban policies must prioritize health, as it is essential for fostering good urban livelihoods, building a productive workforce, creating resilient and vibrant communities, enabling mobility, promoting social interaction and protecting vulnerable populations.

The Urban Health cluster: what is it ?

The European Urban Health Cluster (UHC) consists of six projects funded under the same Call of the Horizon 2020 European Programme for Innovative actions for improving urban health and wellbeing – addressing environment, climate and socioeconomic factors:

The aims of the cluster are to increase visibility for urban health research, to bring stronger contribution to policies such as EU Urban Agenda and to facilitate international cooperation with other relevant initiatives on urban issues and health.

A healthy city is one that is continually creating and improving those physical and social environments and expanding those community resources which enable people to mutually support each other in performing all the functions of life and developing to their maximum potential.

World Health Organization (WHO), 1998

📢 Join the community to improve public urban health policies!

In order to increase visibility of the urban health research and to generate policy impact, we are establishing an international database of relevant stakeholders. You’re interested in translating research on urban health issues into practice and want to know more about the latest news, events and results produced by the cluster?

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