Czech Republic


Situated in Central Bohemia on the Vltava river, Prague is the historical capital of Czech Republic. With a population of 1.3 million, it is the largest city in Czechia and also a governmental, business and cultural center. With its medieval and baroque architecture, Prague is a frequented tourist location. There is also one of the oldest universities in Europe: Charles University (est. 1348).

City population

1 312 199

Population density


City SDG index


Subjective well-being ranking

#18 (2020)

Average Temperature


Köppen classification

Temperate Ocanic Climate (Cfb)

Why RECETAS in Prague?

In Prague, the negative effects of urbanization must be balanced by more green infrastructure and nature-based solutions. The covid-19 pandemic has also had an impact on physical and mental health : people moved less, had less social contact. All nature based activities, bringing up social contacts and new relationships are more important than ever.

A city with a large elderly population which may be

affected by dementia and Alzheimer…

of people living in Prague are over 60

people have dementia problems

of them are diagnosed with Alzheimer

…but Prague offers great opportunities for easy access to outdoor activities.

of water areas


of grassy and wooded areas

outdoor gyms for fitness parcs freely accessible

How will NBSPs be tested?

Pragmatic randomized controlled trial will be implemented. The study population in Prague will be:

Old people (60+) with a risk of social isolation and loneliness, targeted by primary health care and outpatient care.

Eldery people with dementia endangered and family caregivers of vulnerable seniors living at home

Dyads with/without MCI of one of these

For the recruitment, there will be close cooperation with : Centre of Longevity and Long-term Care, Czech Alzheimer Society, general practitioners and other ambulatory specialists, nonprofit organizations, home care organizations working on long-term focus on targeted group and projects specialized in the well-being of the elderly and people suffering from dementia.
Social care organizations of Prague districts municipalities will be important partners to identify and target older adults endangered by loneliness. Moreover, the contact with local media will enhance the recruitment process.

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Charles University

Faculty of Humanities, Centre of Expertise in Longevity and Long-term Care

Project leader

Iva Holmerova

Project manager

Michal Karl’a

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