Welcome to the new RECETAS website

  • 15 September 2021.

This website is to introduce you to our project, to communicate about its activities and progress and to inform about Nature-based Solutions and Nature-based Social Prescribing.

You will find a general presentation of the project in The project tab, specific information about pilot cities in the different “Our Cities” pages and the list of our partners in Our team.
To know more about the concept of healing through nature, visit the page What is Nature-Based Social Prescribing.
In News and Events pages, you can find elements related to our project’s thematics: nature in the city, health, loneliness, reconnection activities through nature.
To find the productions created within the framework of the project, go to the Resources tab.
If you have any questions, go on Contact.

Finally, do not forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn!

Enjoy your visit!

The RECETAS team


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