Strengthening Social Connectedness Among Older Adults 

  • 23rd FEBRUARY 2022 12h00 US TIME

We have a crisis in America when it comes to social connectedness: 1 in 4 older adults Americans is lonely or socially isolated. Research suggests this causes numerous negative impacts on health and well-being, from cardiovascular and metabolic issues to mental and emotional wellness. As the number of older adults continues to grow in countries around the world, the problem is only expected to get worse, further straining our systems of care. What can be done to support older adults and build robust support networks for them?

In our second webinar in our new series, “Strengthening Social Connectedness” we are digging into this unique population to identify some of the key issues related to older adults and social connectedness. With several guest presenters, we will then explore potential solutions and innovations to address adverse social connectedness.

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