Webinar: Strengthening Social Connectedness: Creating Clarity on Key Concepts 

  • 26th JANUARY 2022

  • Online

What is social connectedness, and how is it different from social isolation and loneliness? How does connectedness impact our health, and why is it so critically important? As we continue to work our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are asking these questions about our relationships with others. As social distancing and quarantines forced apart in ways few have previously experienced, we gained a new appreciation for our connectedness – and a concern about the future from a social support perspective.

In the first webinar in the series, “Strengthening Social Connectedness to Promote Health and Well-Being”, Visible Network Labs is building a foundation and creating clarity on some key concepts and tenets of social connectedness research and network science. With guests to share unique perspectives on why this work matters, you’ll leave with new tools, terms, and ideas to use in your work.

This webinar is hosted by Visible Network Labs, a partner of the RECETAS project. Visible Network Labs is a technology and service startup that uses network science to map and visualize the relationships and systems that impact health and well-being to strengthen social connectedness and collaboration. 

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