Nature in the city, an asset for health?

Presentation of the RECETAS survey results in Marseille

  •  10 MAY 2022
  • ! Event in french only !

In Marseille, the concept of Nature-based social prescribing is very little known and even less used. However, with 10.000 hectares of natural areas and 57 kilometers of coastline, the city has a great potential that should be exploited!

In order to imagine how nature and health can interact in Marseille, AVITEM is organizing an event dedicated to this topic: Nature in the city, a health asset for all?

The day’s program will include speeches given by experts to better understand the concept, workshops to innovate and talks to think about Nature-based Solutions to improve the health of city dwellers in Marseille!

This event will be an opportunity to raise awareness among local actors about the benefits of nature on our physical, mental and social health, and the importance for the different entities to work together to implement Nature-based social prescribing.

It will also be an opportunity to present the results of the RECETAS survey, conducted in Marseille in November 2021 as part of the project, and also to present good practices implemented in other cities.

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